Todd Norcross

April 2019

New Todd Norcross relaxation Painting Episode Uploaded

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/KQy8wPN-h-M" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

New Cover Song uploaded


"Did you ever take lesson from Bob Ross?  You are amazing!"

 - Laracraft97

"Your voice is so soothing and sexy."  ; ) - Hannah

 Beautiful paintings!

Ally - San Francisco, CA

Can you please paint a seascape?


"Fro God Bob Ross would be proud of his ninja son."


Keep these coming, Todd.  My sister Krista who is ill in the hospital likes to watch you on You Tube.  She says hello!!

Jennifer - WA


Mr. Norcross, I am live in Japan. I love you. Thank you. - AKiko
Do you tour anywhere on the west coast?
New fan. Solid stuff dude.
Pans Choir is so beautiful. Makes me think of Ireland. More, please. -
Bon Travail!
Hi Todd, Don't know if you read these, but I am a big fan of your work. I am from Spain. Blessings to you Todd. Sebastian

"Wow!  Amazing rendition!"  Shane

"This is a beautiful song." - Sharma

"I remember my Dad playing this in the car.  He would have loved this

song.  Great job, Todd." - Christine Williams W.V.

"Nice organ playing on this track.  Don't get to hear you play that instrument often.  Moog?  How did you get that sound?  I play piano. Would you recommend a Roland or a Yamaha keyboard?" - Mick

"Never My Love was one of my wedding songs.  Such good memories come back when I hear this.  Very nice job..." - Freedomsara89

"OMG.  Vocals made me melt." - Gina



I LOVE this song! Ellie You have such a beautiful voice Todd.

Keep em coming. Jennifer Greaves - California Hey!

SOunds just like the Brothers Gibb. Great job! Simon - Portland

How did you manage these harmonies? Fantastic!

Orlandostreek88 Nice! Niggpwr69 I love your voice.

Go on The Voice show, please. Reahlsmoooth Michelle D. Asheville Great voice!

Gtrboy3312LA I always love this song - LOTB. You did an amazing job on this. Emmie99er

Amazing, beautiful songs. Leanne OMG Your voice is so sexy

Brittney LOVE the new song Todd!!! 

Great job, Sensei Norcross. Can't wait to pick this up. Amazon??

Fantastic news! Congratulations. When will DVD be available for purchase?

Nilesh I love your teachings. The Buddha and God are both in you Sensei Norcross.

Robert H.  Master Norcross, Where will the new DVD be for sale??

Wow! Can't wait for the DVD, Ryotoshi!