Say no, rather than disappoint.

Try with all your might not be one of those people who cannot be trusted, because you say you will do something, and then have no intention of following through with it. Even if you meant to do it, you did not, so excuses are of no relevance. Too many don't show up or help when they say they will be there or help. Talking to friends, they all agree we have people around us who constantly fail to follow their hollow words. Be smart enough to say nothing, and you will be free of the pressure to act with integrity. At least if you remain quiet when someone requests something of you, you can avoid disappointing those whom you promise. Learn to say "no". A "yes" man lacks critical thinking skills, and can therefore not be relied upon to disagree or deny. Those who say they will do something and then actually get up and do it are the ones who will lead, be successful, be trusted by the ones they love, and ultimately lead a more honest and fulfilling life. Be this person...or at least try.


Procrastinators always end up last in life.
Good, sound advice.

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